Thinking “Nigeria” is a very complex thought, sometimes you come to the conclusion that it is an irredeemable society of people who have chosen deliberate paths of destruction.  You wake up each day to face the reality of the day. What, is Nigeria? An amalgamation created by Lord Lugard; a foreigner forced on us by our oppressors and also the oppressors of our fore fathers who were enslaved and treated as articles of trade. Just then I came to myself, where are these oppressors? They are gone, but still very near; their thoughts remain with us as if they are still here.  Their oppressive spirit was transferred at independence. Those who took over their jobs and houses also wore the garb of oppression. Why not? They live in a well furnished house in Ikoyi, Victoria Island, G.R.A. (Government Reserved Area); all choice locations within  Nigeria. These residences have a large compound with water, electricity, cooks, stewards and whatever servants you can think of. They are far removed from the village tales by moon light, face me I face you; one room ”privileged” apartment not to talk of the wooden shanties. Therefore by whatever standard he/she is  a superior citizen whether you admit it or not. The American slave masters were wiser, they quickly turned slave trade and slavery to capitalism.  Yes, ”anybody” can become an oppressor, so we think and believe. Hence oppression will not be the word but competition, and if you like, equal opportunity or level playing ground. Since human existence there has never been leveled playing in anything nor any competition involving human beings. I doubt if such exists within animals, plant or anything that is created. For reasons of capitalism a man can work the same work for a particular hour and earn $100 while another could do the same at the same duration to earn $20,000. So where is the equal opportunity?

Moving the world forward should be the duties of all it inhabitant man, animal and the plant. Even the rocks,mountains, lowland, desert and glacial do contribute their quota. But can a man be creative or productive when is practical endowed with anger and lack of life basic necessities like food, home and mobility? Some may say necessity is the mother of invention but what is necessity.    Poverty is no necessity it is deprivation which can only give birth to aggression and lost of interest in life itself.

The world resources belong to all as the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness therein as the bible asserts, the fullness belongs to all the inhabitants of the earth. The world population as at the point of writing is close to 7.2 trillion out of this figure taken the median of the WFP about a quarter of the world is in hunger. This statistics is not absolute because record are more available  in the less hunger population than in the very hungry ones.

Another question is the resource distribution and how beneficial they have been to the immediate inhabitants despite all talk about resource control…

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Corruption creates jobs…?



The present greatest problem of the world right now seems to hinge on economy and unemployment. Governments and world institutions give statistics on unemployment figure as they compile such from each country.  But in all these statistical figures, details from a particularly more influential sector are usually left out.

Therefore these statistics are not correct as they are believed to be, especially if such statistics emanate from developing or underdeveloped countries. There are many citizens of the world employed and engaged in the ministry or department of corruption as the case may be. By this I do not mean corrupt governments or corporation officials dully engaged in productive and legal activities but those whose activities actually depend on corruption and money made from it.

This demography is important because their spending and activities very much affect the economy and the Economist; taking a clue from my country Nigeria.

A visit to our sea port reveals a lot of this. The mirage of people, activities and what these activities are based upon is the issue here. A sea port is usually a door open able both ways, whether in or out to allow imports and exports where such exists. However these activities are a subject of regulations and control like we control the mouth such that the teeth would not bite the tongue.

The government apparatus in form of human monitors are all present at the port. The authority sees only that which they see. But the ”external staffs’ or ‘lobbyist’ are all over the place in the name of clearing agents. Now to the point; they live because bribes have to be paid. So they are also gainfully employed to take bribes, add their commission or take a percentage. This is not limited to the port. It is also the case on the road. The Policemen have their own personal/joint employee, partners and collaborators with whom they share the bribes collected on their behalf.

Therefore corruption has become a ministry or department which makes it possible for a good percentage of the urban population to earn their living by being ”gainfully employed as service providers”; therefore seeking a corruption free-country is like plotting to increase unemployment. Why? The food sellers, the beer parlors  the whores and their services will suffer. In addition, the purchasing power of both the agents and the corrupt officers are greatly enhanced.

Sooooo… a case for corruption is established. But let’s see if this holds; whether this grows or destroys the economy of a nation.

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Even when you want to say yes.

Wall Payment

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Our lives depend on certain definite facts of life and existence. There is a fact that a living spirit dwells in man and this is accepted by all religion, philosophy and faith. So also is the fact that there exists a supreme being that is called God, Allah or Olorun. The nomenclature depends on various linguistic differences. Just as the Supreme Being has an invisible nature, so also is personality of the Truth and this makes it easy to equate the personality of truth with the personality of God. Godliness implies truthfulness. The mouth that speaketh the truth stays in the wilderness because city life is replete with falsehood and deceit. Jesus Christ said “I am the way and the truth. In this sentence the word ‘truth” represents the person of Christ and since Christ is the truth it means nothing is better than the truth.


If we are truthful, we will say the truth, live the truth and do the truth. But our lives today do not reflect this; rather it is far from it. We seem to forget that the world needs the truth to sustain itself. “All things were made by him; and without him was nothing made that was made’’ (John 1-5)



The compact dictionary defines the word “False” as wrong, erroneous, deceptive, faithless, shame and artificial. These words expressly describe the world today. Our attitudes are wrong, our beliefs are erroneous and deception is the game of nations. We all are faithless. Our appearance is sham, may be because we eat artificial food. Because we want to enjoy that which does not belongs to us, we choose to enjoy the fruit of other people labors, instead of ours. We talk of capitalism. What is capitalism or open economy as it is know today? It is all about the exploitation of man by man, internal slave trade, the enslaver of nations by fellow nations and the former’s foreign cohort all in the name of a free economy. To maintain the status quo of this world order, a lot of false doctrines and principles have been canvassed, like the democratic principle as well as the national boundary that fused many nations together in one area and even and out in the other thereby, creating everlasting confusion.

Falsehood starts when:

  • We lie to boost our ego
  • We lie to reinstate our position. 

This situation became complex from the moment man lost his glory in the Garden of Eden and has since remained the sham of his real self. We lie when we have either superiority or inferiority complex i.e. we lie to boost our ego or lie to reinstate our position. The less privileged in the society will sometimes lie by his dress, appearing with an expensive dress to cover-up his status and pretend to live the world of the rich- wearing a false garment. In the same vein a minister will lie about the activities of his government to keep his position and not get fired from his ‘exhorted’ position. The complex issue is so big; it goes far beyond what can be fully discussed in the course of this write-up, but our attention is being drawn to it to foster a new beginning.

 This situation is hereditary. Just as some are born with silver spoons in their mouths, some others are born with “lie” running in their blood. The scripture talk of lying lips- the lips that are born to lie. Lie can become an unconscious act, without any premeditation of sort. Somebody once told me that it’s only those who don’t know how to lie that think before they lie; that lying can be instantaneous. This level of lying is traceable to the family. It is genetic. 

We can trace this menace of falsehood to societal factors. The society has a lot of role to play in our life, our immediate environment, i.e. the friends we keep, our family, working environment and sometimes our occupation. A friend once told me, and in fact convinced me that people don’t like the truth; the real truth the way I say it and that I must learn to lie to keep my supposed status, and command respect from people. I believed this and took to his advice only to regret it later, because at a stage I started telling lies involuntarily as much as I was saying the truth before. I felt bad and I made serious effort to always say the truth even when the situation doesn’t favour me. I discovered not too long that truth did set me free.



 Adedoyin Olanrewaju


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