There is God!

There is God Oh!

The fault dear Brutus not in our star but in our self that we undermine, this is a quote from Julius Ceaser one of the many writings of William Shakespeare.
Malala a little girl from Pakistan; a country where terrorism has almost become a second side of life, came to Nigeria. What to do?
Tell the Nigerian president Dr Goodluck Jonathan to meet and talk to the parents of the chibuk abducted girls; about 200+ of them, no precise figure( If we cant count the girls we should have counted the parents, but no!).
Do we need a Malala (17) to tell Dr Jonathan (59) this? No!
In the fore front of the bring back our girls campaign is a former minister of education, to me more reputable than Malala.
The president did not have his listening hear for this group or the individual therein. There is God oh.

Well let Malala be. Have you noticed that Malala and the abducted girls are of the same age bracket, the girls answer press interviews in Hausa or sometimes Englishhhhhhhhhh (maybe I did not see those). If our form 5 students writing WAEC ( sorry, SSCE) cannot speak the language with which they are purported to be writing exams then, there is God ohhhhhh

Just As I am writing .government spokesman showed up. The parents did not show up. Why? WICKED? bring back our girls.

You want parents you did not invite to Abuja to come and attend your meeting, Na so? Only president men waka come this time. May be we should have a presidential Senor Adviser – Bring Back Our Girls. Non will be more qualify than Malala She would not need to stay in Nigeria, after all there is a Bayelsa State DG resident in Abuja,

Please Malala see this as your letter of appointment and start work tomorrow forward your account no to the appropriate person.

Thank you

Olanrewaju Adedoyin

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