The bible is a complete book. It also contains the rules and conditions of engagement for a Christian. In the bible is contained the stories of the beginning with Christ as the word in the first book and chapter of Genesis. At the very end of the bible in Revelation the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ is bestowed on the reader. Therefore it is very important for he who will practice Christianity to read and understand the bible. In my Christian journey, I have personally encountered the life of a Christian who has no understanding of the bible. Such Christians rely on the understanding and interpretation of other persons. More often than not these interpretations are full of errors, deceptions and deliberate misrepresentation of what the bible is saying.
However, I decided to be different. I began to read the bible over and over again; from the beginning to the end, as many times as possible and followed every story till I fully understood. This is the grace needed to deal with deceit and half truths amongst others. You see, there are many wolves amongst us pretending to be sheep. Many interpret the bible for pecuniary gains. Who can really stand-in for God? No man can. All interpretations/explanations are based on assumptions and presumptions that are disputable and often far from the truth.
I was at a church recently and the guest preacher who doubles as a prophet made assertions which happen to be true and sounded pleasurable to the congregation. However, his intention was to captivate them and in the process, the congregation was made to part with various amount of money in exchange for a future miracle. They are victims of deceit because they willingly chose to follow the part they did not understand. Therefore they made gods out of ordinary human beings. These men are worshiped; their images are placed in people’s living rooms, dining and even bedrooms.
The other region is not any better. I spoke with a friend sometime ago and I was surprised at what/whose picture I saw in her phone. I asked a question and I learnt the picture is that of a powerful man whose exploit in Islam is remarkable. Mentioning his name, she said, can save one from a problem. Many in our society are proxy Christians and Muslims. They do not know or seek to know God by themselves nor for themselves. Instead of the true God; money has become their god and those who seek this money are slaves to their pastors, Alfa or Imams and traditionalists. Character or morality is far away from them.
Sometimes I think we should or could be more intelligent than we are. We should recognise deceit when we see it and resist our captors. Where ever you go there are traces of this problem. Before now I use to wonder why people are unjustly kept in queues without any complain from them, be in banks, government and private establishments. Why do we see corruption and receive insults from those that are supposed to give service and appreciate our patronage? I discovered that this is so because many and very many of us are involved in all these vices, so when it is our turn to be at the receiving end, we bear it since they have sown the same seed. For this reason we have become an arbiter of distrust. We distrust all persons we come across. Even more we distrust our own self. We no longer have interest in the progress of other people but ourselves and yes, ourselves alone.
We need to have a rethink? Yes think ooo…., think!.

Adedoyin Olanrewaju

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