OH! My God Chinese ?

Whenever my mind is stroked by the word Nigeria or Africa as I see in my overbore a giant human body totally empty inside. The word has different history depending on who is telling the story. The Biblical account of the creation of the world is more favoured than all but it is without a critical aspect of the story as to be totally accepted as the only true and authentic one. It does not begin with; in 000000000000000000BC as a value of time.
However many of the accepted account of the world agreed on the fact that the Homo sapiens originate from Africa. About 150,000 -100,000BCE they said the modern man left Africa in batches and start to occupy other places; Asia, Europe, Mediterranean etc. But where are the rest, that is those who did not migrate?
Events of recent time make one wonder whether it may be only Nelson Mandela or Julius Nyerere at least amongst politician that are the descendants of this homo sapiens that left Africa. In the history books we saw the conquest of the Chinese, the exploits of the Romans and the tricks of the British and French that led to massive slave trade activities which were more directed at Africans than any other race. In all these we saw attempts at the development of the society to suit what these peoples see as ideal.
In this process monuments were built and as they strive to improve on the previous the society became more tolerable and civil if like. The African empires were “yeye” one without any spectacular development, without any in route into the other worlds. Now we saw the conquest of the world via economic activities in the 18th ,19th and 20th centuries even up till now we sat back and we are still seating back looking on to our conquerors.

Almost all African countries have sold to Chinese. The Chinese has become the messiah of the people of Africa because our leaders stole all the money and are still stealing that which is suppose to enhance the purchasing power of their people and now offer them the bean cake as for a child to collect the $100 in his hand. The Chinese locked up their door until they achieved insight to development and what they have learnt they now practice using Africa and Africans as the laboratory and specimen to perfect and learn more. I was at a hotel under construction in Lagos; the carpenter, the Electricians etc were all Chinese paid in foreign exchange, dollar or Yuan as the case may be.
Now we went to the same Chinese government to borrow money. No country gives money without conditions which must include compulsory purchase of their goods and services and usually at the own terms. Part of it is what we seen now, placing constraints on vehicles from Chinese better competitors to allow the influx of substandard knockdown engine in an imaginary motor assembly plant to be managed by the Chinese. Instead of leaving the car for now while concentrating on everyday items that can be easily manufactured but are imported. We import toothpick, We have tailors or fashion designers if you like but we import lots and lots of ready cloths that can be produced in Nigeria. Our cloth hangers are not made in Nigeria, one day I met someone who was a factory worker where I worked before and he said to me come see my shop I travel and now bring containers. When I got to the shop I saw used hanger, cocking pot, cutlery, paints and all sort of menial things.
We should concern ourselves with the production of household things, tools for our workmen and equipments for cottage industries. The Government must fund this and ban the useless Chinese products that now pervade our retail shops. Recently I noticed that as you move away from Lagos especially in the south west the quality of the products sold become poorer and poorer.
Well like some will say “God bless Nigeria” thank you.

Adedoyin Olanrewaju James

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