Designing the SPA

Designing a spa

Spa design

Spa design

The Spa is a place of recreation, relaxation, relationship, socialisation and of course indulgence. Some very big spa are able to render all their services efficiently without much hindrances or administrative stress. But for some running a spa is a torque of war. Why ?, coordinating the numerous activities  and exercises may be a huge demand.

Many reasons can be adduced for spa management problems or sometimes outright failure this includes; inadequate knowledge of the industry on the part of the management team or some of them who may have more control over decisions, understanding  the occupational behaviour of the industry professionals which unique and outstanding. The financial needs, for instance, the capital requirement at set up. The peculiar engineering, plumbing and electrical needs. All these are probably needs and problems that may have their source from improper design.

Spa designing require proper understanding and consideration of the following amongst  others.

Environment: The general nature of the environment to which the spa Is to render service, by this I mean the individual would be patrons environment must be considered and put into perceptive in the design.

Culture: This very important to achieving the goal. The culture of the people to which the services are to be rendered. However you may want to create a multi – ethnic environment where your budget and space allows it, where distinct boundaries are made such that crossing is almost totally impossible but this a rare situation. In nations where religion, spiritualism and doctrines determines a lot of things this must be put in focus to achieve the utmost in financial benefit from the spa set-up. In some society the male and female activities in the spa are expected to be far apart as the plus and minus sign in a linear situation. Hence the male and female steam room / sauna cannot be joint , but distinct and demarcated. Whereas in other cultures the steam room or Sauna can be shared / located beside each other.

Work Procedure: Beauty therapy usually involves series of processes  and procedures that are carried out in a particular sequence, therefore the spa layout must flow with this sequence to achieve free and smooth service delivery. Activities must be made possible with little or no traffic issues. These procedures and their processes must be clear to the designer.

What Equipment?: The Equipment and tools of the trade has their peculiarities, this must be recognised and put into serious consideration in the design. Proper calculations must be made electricity ,water, cooling and all such requirement in the design to avoid waste or budget supplement.

However let us design to beauty, glamour and more importantly to effectiveness.

Adedoyin Olanrewaju

05/2013, Lagos


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