Fareed Zakaria; The high-earning poor; a rejoinder.


The GPS the global public square is one of the few programmes on the television one would not like to miss. It topics for discuss usually cut across politics, science, humanity and of course liberal education for which the anchor has published a book in defense of.

Going through his write up on the above subject, America as his reference drew out some thoughts I had expressed at different time on the financial assets and the accumulation of wealth especially as it concerns savings.

It is normal to save for the raining day as they say. But when and how will the raining day be. If you have an emergency and money is required your response will be quick to it because you have the likely requisite to tackle the problem. But if it is such that you have insured for you are equally good to face the problem or have it resolved on your behalf by your insurer. And if you go by the thinking of my people ( Ailowo lowo baba ijaya-Yoruba language) or go by Hadley Chase –You are dead without money.

However many of the yester year thinking are not relevant to today’s life. The probability of getting money to lend, that is having credit facility and credibility to lend more has become a measure of financial wellbeing. America, Japan and China are in great debt but are still able to borrow more. The same applies to individuals and organizations. The banks only borrow you more when you are already a debtor. Very reluctant to lend once you haven’t borrowed before.

But should this be the norm or the revise is better. The creditors rely on the gross domestic product (GDP) relate it to total debt of the country, use a favorable balance as the basis to agree or disagree further borrowing. Where the corporate companies or individuals are concerned the assets in it total form, liquid and disposable are considered. And if the loan is personal the goodwill and societal status of the personality becomes part of this consideration. These parameters influence lending more than any other factors like the sovereign fund or your savings account balance.

Financial assets is very important to every life and every entity be it countries or corporate establishment. Everyone must be part of the provision for tomorrow; our savings is an assurance of our belief in the future. However credit expands our ability and also our capacity. But alas! It depletes the future if not properly utilized.

Today Americans live on credit cards consuming incomes not yet earned. What has this done to their society. When in 1946 John Biggins Brooklyn banker introduced the first bank card called “charg-it. It was made payable based on cash available to holder in His account with Biggins.  As time went by this has expanded to outright payment outside of account balance to become a buy now pay later card. This has resulted in overspending and because of the ease to use consumption has increased tremendously since the use of plastic payments. This payment mode made credit possible without collateral expanded the buying power of the ordinary American who would not have been able to access credit from the bank.

What is the effect on the economy? The American economy became better in relative terms. The products made in America where consumed locally and the producers were able to improve on their products because the funds to do so were available. Financially empowered citizens are the energy source of production. No matter how good or required a product is the consumers ability to purchase will determine it survival.  One of the problems confronts our country and many other developing or underdeveloped countries is the huge financially impotent population that cannot pay their bills much less consume large.

It is also save to say that the American society has in place enough social services and aids to assure life in case of some financial emergencies. Thanks to Obama for the Obamacare which also has expanded this assurance. Therefore the need for financial assets in such society as America and some European countries may be of mere necessity and not much of a determinant of future occurrences.

We of the developing world are court in the financial assets syndrome such that corrupt politicians and civil servants corner state resources and keep so much money in the bank until the banks can no longer take; they keep under mattress, cupboard, kettles etc.


Olanrewaju Adedoyin 1115




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There is God!

There is God Oh!

The fault dear Brutus not in our star but in our self that we undermine, this is a quote from Julius Ceaser one of the many writings of William Shakespeare.
Malala a little girl from Pakistan; a country where terrorism has almost become a second side of life, came to Nigeria. What to do?
Tell the Nigerian president Dr Goodluck Jonathan to meet and talk to the parents of the chibuk abducted girls; about 200+ of them, no precise figure( If we cant count the girls we should have counted the parents, but no!).
Do we need a Malala (17) to tell Dr Jonathan (59) this? No!
In the fore front of the bring back our girls campaign is a former minister of education, to me more reputable than Malala.
The president did not have his listening hear for this group or the individual therein. There is God oh.

Well let Malala be. Have you noticed that Malala and the abducted girls are of the same age bracket, the girls answer press interviews in Hausa or sometimes Englishhhhhhhhhh (maybe I did not see those). If our form 5 students writing WAEC ( sorry, SSCE) cannot speak the language with which they are purported to be writing exams then, there is God ohhhhhh

Just As I am writing .government spokesman showed up. The parents did not show up. Why? WICKED? bring back our girls.

You want parents you did not invite to Abuja to come and attend your meeting, Na so? Only president men waka come this time. May be we should have a presidential Senor Adviser – Bring Back Our Girls. Non will be more qualify than Malala She would not need to stay in Nigeria, after all there is a Bayelsa State DG resident in Abuja,

Please Malala see this as your letter of appointment and start work tomorrow forward your account no to the appropriate person.

Thank you

Olanrewaju Adedoyin

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The bible is a complete book. It also contains the rules and conditions of engagement for a Christian. In the bible is contained the stories of the beginning with Christ as the word in the first book and chapter of Genesis. At the very end of the bible in Revelation the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ is bestowed on the reader. Therefore it is very important for he who will practice Christianity to read and understand the bible. In my Christian journey, I have personally encountered the life of a Christian who has no understanding of the bible. Such Christians rely on the understanding and interpretation of other persons. More often than not these interpretations are full of errors, deceptions and deliberate misrepresentation of what the bible is saying.
However, I decided to be different. I began to read the bible over and over again; from the beginning to the end, as many times as possible and followed every story till I fully understood. This is the grace needed to deal with deceit and half truths amongst others. You see, there are many wolves amongst us pretending to be sheep. Many interpret the bible for pecuniary gains. Who can really stand-in for God? No man can. All interpretations/explanations are based on assumptions and presumptions that are disputable and often far from the truth.
I was at a church recently and the guest preacher who doubles as a prophet made assertions which happen to be true and sounded pleasurable to the congregation. However, his intention was to captivate them and in the process, the congregation was made to part with various amount of money in exchange for a future miracle. They are victims of deceit because they willingly chose to follow the part they did not understand. Therefore they made gods out of ordinary human beings. These men are worshiped; their images are placed in people’s living rooms, dining and even bedrooms.
The other region is not any better. I spoke with a friend sometime ago and I was surprised at what/whose picture I saw in her phone. I asked a question and I learnt the picture is that of a powerful man whose exploit in Islam is remarkable. Mentioning his name, she said, can save one from a problem. Many in our society are proxy Christians and Muslims. They do not know or seek to know God by themselves nor for themselves. Instead of the true God; money has become their god and those who seek this money are slaves to their pastors, Alfa or Imams and traditionalists. Character or morality is far away from them.
Sometimes I think we should or could be more intelligent than we are. We should recognise deceit when we see it and resist our captors. Where ever you go there are traces of this problem. Before now I use to wonder why people are unjustly kept in queues without any complain from them, be in banks, government and private establishments. Why do we see corruption and receive insults from those that are supposed to give service and appreciate our patronage? I discovered that this is so because many and very many of us are involved in all these vices, so when it is our turn to be at the receiving end, we bear it since they have sown the same seed. For this reason we have become an arbiter of distrust. We distrust all persons we come across. Even more we distrust our own self. We no longer have interest in the progress of other people but ourselves and yes, ourselves alone.
We need to have a rethink? Yes think ooo…., think!.

Adedoyin Olanrewaju

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OH! My God Chinese ?

Whenever my mind is stroked by the word Nigeria or Africa as I see in my overbore a giant human body totally empty inside. The word has different history depending on who is telling the story. The Biblical account of the creation of the world is more favoured than all but it is without a critical aspect of the story as to be totally accepted as the only true and authentic one. It does not begin with; in 000000000000000000BC as a value of time.
However many of the accepted account of the world agreed on the fact that the Homo sapiens originate from Africa. About 150,000 -100,000BCE they said the modern man left Africa in batches and start to occupy other places; Asia, Europe, Mediterranean etc. But where are the rest, that is those who did not migrate?
Events of recent time make one wonder whether it may be only Nelson Mandela or Julius Nyerere at least amongst politician that are the descendants of this homo sapiens that left Africa. In the history books we saw the conquest of the Chinese, the exploits of the Romans and the tricks of the British and French that led to massive slave trade activities which were more directed at Africans than any other race. In all these we saw attempts at the development of the society to suit what these peoples see as ideal.
In this process monuments were built and as they strive to improve on the previous the society became more tolerable and civil if like. The African empires were “yeye” one without any spectacular development, without any in route into the other worlds. Now we saw the conquest of the world via economic activities in the 18th ,19th and 20th centuries even up till now we sat back and we are still seating back looking on to our conquerors.

Almost all African countries have sold to Chinese. The Chinese has become the messiah of the people of Africa because our leaders stole all the money and are still stealing that which is suppose to enhance the purchasing power of their people and now offer them the bean cake as for a child to collect the $100 in his hand. The Chinese locked up their door until they achieved insight to development and what they have learnt they now practice using Africa and Africans as the laboratory and specimen to perfect and learn more. I was at a hotel under construction in Lagos; the carpenter, the Electricians etc were all Chinese paid in foreign exchange, dollar or Yuan as the case may be.
Now we went to the same Chinese government to borrow money. No country gives money without conditions which must include compulsory purchase of their goods and services and usually at the own terms. Part of it is what we seen now, placing constraints on vehicles from Chinese better competitors to allow the influx of substandard knockdown engine in an imaginary motor assembly plant to be managed by the Chinese. Instead of leaving the car for now while concentrating on everyday items that can be easily manufactured but are imported. We import toothpick, We have tailors or fashion designers if you like but we import lots and lots of ready cloths that can be produced in Nigeria. Our cloth hangers are not made in Nigeria, one day I met someone who was a factory worker where I worked before and he said to me come see my shop I travel and now bring containers. When I got to the shop I saw used hanger, cocking pot, cutlery, paints and all sort of menial things.
We should concern ourselves with the production of household things, tools for our workmen and equipments for cottage industries. The Government must fund this and ban the useless Chinese products that now pervade our retail shops. Recently I noticed that as you move away from Lagos especially in the south west the quality of the products sold become poorer and poorer.
Well like some will say “God bless Nigeria” thank you.

Adedoyin Olanrewaju James

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What if Yerima is wrong…

I would like to start by congratulating Alh Yerima. Sincerely from my heart of heart I do appreciate is sincerity and truthfulness at all time despite almost overwhelming contrary opinions. He stood firmly for Islamic laws in Zamfara state during his tenor as the governor, now his standing for another.
Now it is time to defend his marriage to a minor, he justified it and went further to seek a law that protects his action and also the future of the girl to which he is married and all other victims to be so betroth. But what is the issue here? The real issue is not whether Yerima is right or wrong, the hypocrisy of this society has been brought to the fore.
In most African culture there are reasons why a teenage girl could be given out in marriage Many times girl or teenager are married out for obvious reasons of economy, misconduct of the girl child herself and reasons of war and captivity. Therefore the problem of teenage marriage should be properly addressed by a critical study of underline causes instead of looking at the man who proposed legality to it as if he has committed an untold blunder. Even though Yerima’s case seems to have a religion undertone, our society is full of such cases.
I watched a program on one of our international TV stations week 16 august on Women of accomplishment and one of the heroes of this program was said to have been married at the age of fourteen. This hero is from the core eastern part of Nigeria. Very close to me, my step mother if you like, married my father at about the same age. These things are common place in our society and to some extent they are established reasons for it.
Let us consider this; a girl child become wayward or sexually promiscuous if you prefer it. The parents feel the danger in her sleeping about could lead to sexually transmitted diseases, early pregnancy, tarnish the family name and reputations, abortion and all it consequences etc. The option of marring her out could be a viable one. But to hypocrites, family planning is the better option. That way she can continue to live her wayward life and not get into all the afore mentioned.
As we react to this issue so we do to other issues of sex and sexuality. Many a time we want to determine promiscuity with dresses and appearance. We draw conclusions of morality from mere appearance. But if we are truthful in our reactions it wouldn’t have mattered, frankly we are not. The government support films and cinemas that portray a culture of nudity, on African magic you see Nollywood films purportedly depicting an Eastern Nigeria village where the only clothing for the girls are breast wrappers and Iborun (Yoruba word-small scarf) skirt to cover the bottom while the boys and men go about in mere wrapper. That is the culture?
On the street of Abuja the same government pursue the girls dressed in mini skirt and long / short blouse. In the “House of God” the Imam / Pastor forbids the woman who did not dress to their own set standard. May be he/she is even wearing jewelleries which is an “abomination” because it can become a god. But voici the pastor’s wrist watch is plated or made of gold, his ring is of the same material, his wife wearing a very expensive hat, costing hundreds of thousands Naira,…hallelujah!. The so called harlot’s attire is from KATANGUWA in Lagos where a blouse can be as cheap as N20. Why this stuff?
The thieves in government stole all the money that was meant for the education, health care , social amenities for the ‘Harlot’’, at least part of it to the church or mosque in pursuit of ‘God’ so the parents of this labelled harlots struggle to buy, I pass-my-neighbour for power, water from better neighbours, nearby omo Ibo medicine / provision no ventilation shop/bedroom for health care and also pay exorbitant school fees to arrange e school that teaches nothing but get all student passed by WAEC/ NECO or whoever. So where is the money for clothing? But what is the truth about these ‘harlots’ either rich or poor is the branding of the body parts to make them look what they are not or may be enhanced to get the attention of the willing on lookers.
In our normal community setting, do we not see this nudity? The village river where women wash , at home in our compounds, the breast feeding process in the market place, not to talk of the high population density areas such as Mushin, Ajegunle, Oshodi and all such places in our country. Well what is right, early marriage or no marriage at all.
When the Pentecostal churches stated the mass can verse for souls, one of the attractions to their fold was marriage, though they were not God no matter how much explanation and confusion they have on how and why God acted in a particular way. Now there are more unmarried; more than qualified singles in our mist than ever.
Hypocrisy is killing our society it is time to get off it and face the truth. Yerima has right to his presentation of a bill; it is the duty of his colleagues to vent it and remodel it to suit the society. Their failure shows their incompetence to do what we voted them to do. So… e le won sita ( vote them out when next they ask for your vote) It is time for us the modify our society to suit our different and common possess and stop been copy cat.

Olanrewaju Adedoyin

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Health is wealth is a common saying, it is often said especially when we consider our healthy life with times of illness. But what we usually left unconsidered is the real term that makes the phrase true. There is a very important area of medicine that is little known about, talked about and given serious attention, especially in developing countries. It is occupational health.

This medical specialist is not well known in Nigeria. Interestingly enough, it concerns all of us whether as doctors, engineers, goldsmith, teachers, market women, accountants, street traders, farmers, fishermen without exceptions. We are all exposed to one or more health hazards as a result of our day to day activities. Beyond this however it is statutorily recognized by industrial laws though not as a limited to the health of the duty bound exposee alone but the general effect  on the immediate or remote environment is inclusive.

–          The laws of the federation of Nigeria and Lagos 1958repealed by factories decree 1978 sections 86 & 87.

–          Factories (Sanitary Accommodation) Regulation Legal Notice 116 of 1957.

–          First-aid Box (prescribed standards) order-Legal Notice 4 of 1957.

–          Declaration of occupational diseases Notice Legal 114 of 1956.

–          The dock regulations (safety of labour ) Legal notice 42 of 1958.

The setting –up of separate department in the federal ministry of health as occupational health unit with clinics in federal secretariat and federal agencies where they exist shows the seriousness of the govt. in this direction.In addition the federal environmental protection agency degree of 1988  empowers a whole agency to control and monitor hazards from the industrial and non-industrial pollutants.

I have gone this far, for us to see the importance of this aspect of medicine to life. It is also necessary for us to know that the number of professionals involved in the occupational medicine is also small that the society of physicians of Nigeria is concerned and have made serious attempts to localize the training of specialist to alleviate the problems of company or individuals interested in the field in sourcing the  pricely foreign exchange for oversea training.

However, the concern of this writer is the increasing need for awareness and deprivation of its benefits occasioned by malpractices, and of in-depth knowledge as to why and the need for such services either as individual or corporate entity. Many of our companies are either involved in manufacturing, semi manufacturing, assembling and marketing. There is non that will not use some or all of the following:

1)      Electricity and electrical  equipments( power)

2)      Hydraulically operated equipments & tools

3)      Pneumatically operated equipments & tools

4)      Mechanically operated equipments & tools

5)      Manual and semi-automatic equipments & tools

  1. Power source: electricity and electrical equipment are sources of power for the workforce to carry out their daily duties. Each day we make use of these power sources or working tools, we are susceptible to dangers. The dangers of the office fluorescent bulb exploding and injuring one in the eyes, face or any part of our body if we incidentally  work under it or even steps on its broken pieces.  This danger is even more probable on the factory floor where the work force have little or no education. In the textile industry the manufacturing hall is often more hazardous  to health. Dry hot air in the factory. The hydraulic, pneumatic or electrically powered machines with synchronized movement and acting under constant pressure provided by the compressed air as power source can malfunction  and cause serious injuries to operators and supervisors alike. In the same vein a night market trader, like you see at the old night market at oshodi, though unaware is subject to the hazards in soots emanating from the flame of the undirected head point lanterns that provided her and others lighting.

The Power generator has become a more dangerous source of health hazard both at work and work environment, home and even on our streets. There is no need befogging this because it a well known fact to all of us.


  1.  Aside from this energy issue, there are those involved in the use of hazardous consumables that are either blended as additives in the manufacturing of refined, less harmful final products or as catalyst to aid production process.

There are also those that are the ends themselves. The marketers have the options of either selling as a bulk or split into smaller units for the convenience of the petty consumers. These are substances like

1)      Toluene Di-isocyanates TDI

2)      Wood dust

3)      Formalin

4)      Carbon Disulphide

5)      Mercury

6)      Leads (organic and inorganic)

7)      Manganese

8)      Methylene chloride

9)      Benzene

10)   Sulphuric acid

A battery charger is constantly under the risk of health; the automobile battery plates are made of spongy lead cells and the battery terminals are made of the same substance. What takes place during batter changing is the electrolysis of dilute Sulphuric  acid using the lead as electrode.  Hence, the repair of battery terminals, cells and clearing are direct contact with lead and its fumes during smelting are regular hazards. The exposure to concentrated sulphuric acid which are often tasted as a way of determining its Ph has become a ready threat to the health of this group people.

Sometimes, we did experienced hazardous odor from our pump petrol which experts in the petroleum and environmental studies blamed on the level of Benzene contained in the pumped petrol. A newspaper reported the death of a motor mechanic who attempted to draw this petrol with his mouth. Petrol contains some organic lead, while leaded fuel has been done away with in other society we are still face with the hazard of it use.

The hazards from chemical substances in form of liquid, dust, paste, fumes cannot be exhausted  in the course of a simple write-up like this. One can only delineate it and leave the occupational health experts to expatiate and recommend remedies.

Apart from the hazard from the source mentioned above, the service sectors are not without serious dangers emanating from the:

1)      Activities of the brain

2)      Persistent exposure of the face (eyes)to power rays

3)      General industrial and individual pollutions and noise in the environment.

4)      Lack of use or inadequate use of appropriate working gadget and clothing.

Pervading poverty in the third world often expose the working class to long period of work. The farmers go to the farm in the morning, sometimes as early a 4.30a.m/5 am only to come back by 6pm/7pm working an approximate of 14 to 16 hrs. Daily. The man in the city is not better for it. In Lagos people wake up as early as 4am to leave home on time in other to beat the traffic build-up and get to work on time. Coming home is another story; such person may not be home until 10 p.m-12p.m and sometimes later. This is a steady cause of serious strains on the brains and coupled with the usual frustration associated with traffic jams involving commuters and road transport workers or even the intellectual jams of the car owners. All these things take tolls on our health and lives.

The computer operators at the business centers constantly expose their eyes to the rays of the radiations of the computer monitor.  Their eyes are strained to see sometimes tiny letters and this further burden their eyes the more. The iron bender many a times carry out their works without the use of gorgles’ that are meant to protect the eyes from the sparkling lighting and the electrode splashes.

Many artisans do their work in badly ventilated apartments where the gases and the fumes resulting from their activities are not blown out but remain indoor with them causing untold damage to their health. In the same vain some of our factories are sometimes engulfed in smokes, fumes and in active gases. A casual observer of our working environment will suggest a working population of deaf people. Our society do not seems to appreciated the use of ear muff to safe our hear drum or even our hearing sensory. A visit to the mechanic workshop while he repairs your car, would enable you see how lack of tools, I mean adequate tools, cause  them serous occupational accidents which ordinarily could be avoided.

In our society today the practice of occupational health is still restricted to the multi-national companies and very few of our partially local industries. The big industries are constraint by their technical partners to safety standards to reduce the incidence of illness due to occupation, these companies engage either general practitioners or sometimes occupational physician as a head of Medicare.

However this does not seems to help much as the need to design health scheme and monitor staff health care becomes more demanding and financially gruesome to handle.

In some organization the bill generated through staff Medicare scheme formed substantial part of the  personnel expenditure for a particular accounting year. expectedly  some of these company became weary of the health service to workers, this led to a number of measures taken to eradicate the seemly imprudent welfare package of the staff.

In doing this different methods and tactics were employed depending on what the management felt is the cause or causes of the plight.

a)      Outright conciliation of health scheme especially for junior and non-management staff.

b)      Payment of medical allowances to management staff and other workers below.

c)       Partial medical scheme that pays more attention to top management staff exposed to less risk and little to the work force that are exposed most of the time to work hazard.

d)      Total deprivation by retrenchment of selected categories of workforce only to re-employ the same personnel as contractor staff.

e)      The use of badly managed and gain less in-house clinic to evade penalties from the industrial  safety laws and edicts.

Sincerely speaking, some of the above action may seems just and fair if the managements are called upon to defend such actions, but this do not in any way makes them right. It must also be noted that abuses are not usually limited to the workforce as one may be made to believe.

The management staff also partake in the atrocities and even in terms of cost, an atrocity by one management staff may be of the same magnitude with that of 15 junior  worker force. this is so because the management and directors patronize very expensive health services where one visit may cost as much as N50,000 for an illness  that will attract as low as N3000 in hospital where junior staff are treated. Apart from the aforementioned there are other forms of malpractices inherent in the medical scheme  of  companies which cannot be mentioned here.  But all such can be put to check.

Monitoring the health of worker is a very important aspect of staff management that will continue to foster productivity and commitment to enterprise goal. An healthy worker is a viable tool of the enterprise growth and development.

Olanrewaju Adedoyin.





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Designing the SPA

Designing a spa

Spa design

Spa design

The Spa is a place of recreation, relaxation, relationship, socialisation and of course indulgence. Some very big spa are able to render all their services efficiently without much hindrances or administrative stress. But for some running a spa is a torque of war. Why ?, coordinating the numerous activities  and exercises may be a huge demand.

Many reasons can be adduced for spa management problems or sometimes outright failure this includes; inadequate knowledge of the industry on the part of the management team or some of them who may have more control over decisions, understanding  the occupational behaviour of the industry professionals which unique and outstanding. The financial needs, for instance, the capital requirement at set up. The peculiar engineering, plumbing and electrical needs. All these are probably needs and problems that may have their source from improper design.

Spa designing require proper understanding and consideration of the following amongst  others.

Environment: The general nature of the environment to which the spa Is to render service, by this I mean the individual would be patrons environment must be considered and put into perceptive in the design.

Culture: This very important to achieving the goal. The culture of the people to which the services are to be rendered. However you may want to create a multi – ethnic environment where your budget and space allows it, where distinct boundaries are made such that crossing is almost totally impossible but this a rare situation. In nations where religion, spiritualism and doctrines determines a lot of things this must be put in focus to achieve the utmost in financial benefit from the spa set-up. In some society the male and female activities in the spa are expected to be far apart as the plus and minus sign in a linear situation. Hence the male and female steam room / sauna cannot be joint , but distinct and demarcated. Whereas in other cultures the steam room or Sauna can be shared / located beside each other.

Work Procedure: Beauty therapy usually involves series of processes  and procedures that are carried out in a particular sequence, therefore the spa layout must flow with this sequence to achieve free and smooth service delivery. Activities must be made possible with little or no traffic issues. These procedures and their processes must be clear to the designer.

What Equipment?: The Equipment and tools of the trade has their peculiarities, this must be recognised and put into serious consideration in the design. Proper calculations must be made electricity ,water, cooling and all such requirement in the design to avoid waste or budget supplement.

However let us design to beauty, glamour and more importantly to effectiveness.

Adedoyin Olanrewaju

05/2013, Lagos


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